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MSc Dissertation (by research)

Student Title Defense datesort ascending Details
Thalita Pereira Cabral Vallorini 30/08/2017 MSc dissertation
Igor Simões Assunção Felippe In vitro and in vivo evaluation of the effects induced by the acute intoxication with the organophosphorus insecticide, chlorpyrifos and of the effectiveness of the pharmacological treatment adopted in the intoxication upon the tonic and reflex cardiorespiratory modulation in rats. 08/08/2017 MSc dissertation
Karla Loriatto Gonring Salarini Alkaloids from Worsleya procera (Lem.) Traub roots (AMARYLLIDACEAE) 31/07/2017 MSc dissertation
Maressa Dietrich Rosa Evaluation of the anti-Acanthamoeba castellanii activity of alkaloid fractions of different species of the Amaryllidaceae family and of the lycorine 04/04/2017 MSc dissertation
Alline Mikaele Nunes Wildemberg Brauer Socioeconomic, Demographic, Parasitological and Hematological evaluation of Quilombola Communities from Northern of Espirito Santo, Brazil 31/03/2017 MSc dissertation
Letícia Santos Herbst Effects of general anesthetics used in experimental surgeries in rats submitted to predictive tests of anxiolytic and antidepressant effects 27/03/2017 MSc dissertation
Marcos Vinicius Lacerda de Oliveira Chemical study in Amaryllidacea alkaloids from Hippeastrum reginae (L) Herb 20/03/2017 MSc dissertation
Lucas Melo da Silveira Evaluation of quality and compatibility pharmaco-excipients of solid pharmaceutical formulations in the market containing meloxicam 15/03/2017 MSc dissertation


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